Friday, June 03, 2005

Maybe now they will understand

To all the people who, upon seeing my California ID, ask "Why would you leave there to come here the weather is so much nicer there!", perhaps this will help them understand! The damn place is falling into the ocean. And good riddance I say!

Weapons of Terror!!!!

So now that I am returning to the daily grind of the 'Boo ...

The greatest objects of terror in my parents' home are the broom and dust pan. No, no one is getting beaten with cleaning supplies, and no, it is not due to an inbread hatred of cleaning. You see Sir Dudley Chews-a-lot (A.K.A. "Tweedy" A.K.A. Sir Dudley Marjoriebanks, firstlord of Tweedmouth, of Marshal Mannor) and Little Princess Trash hound (A.K.A. "Little Fuzz" A.K.A. Noel) have learned that most of the time when the broom and dust pan come out they have been bad (the former has chewed something he shouldn't have and/or the latter has ripped open the trash) and are about to be scolded. And so TERROR was in the hearts of these fine, furry American citizens as I grabed the BROOM and DUST PAN to sweep up the remains of a pot-holder, a cardboard box, and the containers from some old food that had been cleaned out of the fridge.

In other news
I have added Mr. Peter Krupa to my links and moved Mr. Daniel Silliman. For those who perhaps have not noted the ordering of my links this is NOT a downgrade for Mr. Silliman. I have simply moved him into the grouping of "Beat" inhabitents underneath the link to the Beat Blog. Ordering of Beat inhabitents within the links is based on when they lived at the Beat relative to the other "Beat Boyz" I link to. As the newest Beat dweller Mr. Silliman is at the bottom of the Beat links.

That is all for housekeeping today.

Wednesday, June 01, 2005

Dear Underwear Gnomes,

Please stop taking all my comfy butt covering undies. As I was getting ready for a bike ride today I discovered that you have taken almost all of my butt covering undies. While other undies have their place and purpose thongs and the like are no good in combination with bicycle seats. I don't know if you ride bicycles or wear undies yourselves but now that I have brought my problem to your attention I am hoping you will let me keep the butt covering undies I still have. Also, if you meet any of the dryer gremlins that take my socks please tell them that while I apreciate the fact that they pay me in coffee mugs and pens I have plenty of both (esp. considering that both breed when left alone in cabinets and drawers) but I am running out of matching socks.
Thank you,

In other News
Di Havlin is having an interesting conversation over at "It's a joy to be hidden" worth checking out I think...

Now that I am back ... I am back with a vengance ... and hopefully today's glut of posts will get me back in the habit and my bike ride will provide reflections a but deeper than this shizzlenat.

I'm a super geek

Ok because I am UBER-NERD I have a little game I like to play ... and I think it is time to write it down and I would enjoy your input. I like to make note of things for which a brand name is used to describe a type of product. I am going to start the list to give you all examples and I would love it if you would add your own examples in the comments as they occure to you ... Esp. those of you in strange lands (Will, Zambian & all our friends in the South) where you probably have different products that this works for

Scotch Tape - Translucent Tape
Band-Aid - Adhesive Bandages
Kleenex - Facial Tissue
Vasoline - Petrolium Jelly
Windex - Glass Cleaner
Chapstick - Lip Balm
Coke (In the South) - Soda/Pop
Kool-Aid - Flavored Drink
Sharpie - Permanent Pen

Well, you get the idea ... and the more you think about it the more of them you see ... have fun!

I return!!!!

Sorry for my long absence everyone. Jellybean was right, sort of. I was in Kentucky and then Florida with Lee, Jon Gibbons, Alexis Boyland, Andrew "Harvy" Jones, Scott Hill, Jim Higgenbottom, and Lee's family. That is right folks. I met his family. I think it went pretty well. I am sorry I didn't get to spend more time with Lee's sister Rachel since she is interested in the "Techie-er side" of the Fine Arts and I promised I would teach her how to do a simple neat bun in her hair ... and I got a little sunburned ... but nothing a little Cucumber Melon lotion wont cure. (mmm I smell like lunch) But yeah. I have been spilling over with ideas for posts but I am always terrible about writing things down so hopefully I will sketch out something a bit more firmly in my mind while I am on my bike ride today and I will start posting seriously again soon. Until then ... see above for a little game for all my faithful readers....