Thursday, June 23, 2005

I met a little girl the other day...

and she asked me which I liked better: even numbers or odd numbers. Then she told me that she likes even numbers better because with odd numbers one is always lonely.

Then we played hang man. She looked around the restaurant for a little inspiration and chose her word. She gave me a hint, "Guess the vowels." I still lost ... the answer was Y-O-U

What a cool little girl.


Fuel Cafe also from Lakefront Brewery, INC.

These people slam on it ... but I think it tastes more like a rare steak fresh off the grill ... coffee or steak ... mmmmm I don't care ... it is yummy.

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Those who know me well will be shocked

But I have been rather shocking of late anyway ... so I was watching a little West Wing and having a beer after work ... I pulled Lakefront Brewery, INC.'s Cattail Ale out of my 'build your own six pack' of Wisconsin brews. I'll be honest ... I didn't recall sticking it in there. Now for the shocking part ... it is a very light ale with citrus tones to it ... and I LOVE it. It is just what the doctor ordered on a hot evening. Every sip I am a little surprised by the citrus. Think of the lemon-y-est sip of Leinenkugel's® Honey Weiss with a twist but without the seeds.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Short Update

I know I have been very bad about posting ... mostly it is due to the fact that I like to complain. While I could fill this with complaints about my tired feet ... that would be about it. I actually like my job. The customers love the food and are mostly comprised of happy vacationing families who like to talk to a local girl about what there is to do around here and local regulars who like to talk about what is going on in their lives. My boss is a sweet Albanian man. My only complaint with him is that because his english isn't very good when he and I are alone in the restaurant I have to do all the customer interaction ... answer the phone, wait on customers who are in the restaurant, and run the register. I think my next task will be to teach him to say "****** Pizza, Please hold." so he doesn't feel the need to scream my name across the restaurant when the phone rings while I am ringing someone up.

The other waitresses are nice ... almost all young mothers. I must say I was surprised at how quickly we all got along. It warms my heart they way that they all encourage me. For the most part they had their first children ... let's say younger than usually desired ... because I have traveled and have a degree, but still earn my living elbow deep in other people's leftover food just like them ... they like to talk about how they want to go about earning their degrees and their more academic interests. After they met Lee I got the admonishment not to just give up my dreams to get married and have kids. The tone wasn't a warning ... it was wistfull.

Totally unrelated ... on June 14th the hint I sent in to Hints from Heloise was published ... I am so domestic.