Thursday, October 20, 2005

Right up there with watching retarded kids play tether-ball

not that I have ever done that, but I think this is on par.
Last night on the way home from the store I looked out the passenger side window and spotted a child with Cerebral palsy . Someone had strapped a leaf-blower to the side of his electric wheel chair and he was sitting at the edge of the road, with his hearing protection on, blowing fall debris out of his yard into the street. I am sure this means I am evil but funny to me is watching a kid in an electric wheelchair try to do yard work.

Now, since there were two other children out with him who looked to be his brothers I am fairly certain he was not being abused ... most likely he wanted to do what his older brothers were doing (they both had rakes) and someone figured out a way he could help.

New Obsession?
Yes! I LOVE Etiquette Hell. Funny and horrific beyond belief.