Thursday, September 14, 2006

Stupid Media

Headline J.K. Rowling challenges airport security
It makes it sound as if she protested increased airport security. No, in fact books, paper and rubber bands are not on the definitively banned list. They are items that it is up to individual checkers to determine if they can be taken as carry-on. I honestly find it more likely that the airport checker wanted a chance to get book 7 away from JKR than any concern for security.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

That is just rude

What bothered me about the President's 9/11 Anniversary Speech was not when he spent most of his time talking about Iraq, despite repeated Whitehouse claims that there is no attempt being made to connect 9/11 and U.S. Military presence in Iraq. My biggest issue is that the broadcast wasn't scheduled in the T.V. listings. He interrupted regularly scheduled programming with a speech that the Whitehouse knew (or should have known) he was making months in advance. I am not saying "How dare the George Bush interrupt 'Two and a half Men'!" I am asking why this time wasn't properly blocked off? I would expect to see "President's 9/11 Anniversary Speech" listed the same way I expect to see "State of the Union Address" every January. This wasn't an unplanned address regarding a new national threat. This was a prepared and planned event. I guess I expect a bit more courtesy from the President. He is the President and so he has the power to take over the airwaves pretty much whenever he damn well pleases but I see it as the difference between a friend calling to say "I am coming over. I need to tell you something" and that same person just showing up on your door step. Either way no choice is being given to the person being visited, but it is nice to have a little warning.