Friday, December 24, 2004

talk is cheap mutha fucka

Not really ... talk is important ... but I think all the important talk is done now ... nothing left but fun! Hurrah Hurrah! Not that talk isn't fun ... even the most serious talks have their moments ... eh ... I'm blathering and being vague ...

Thursday, December 23, 2004

The Plan for tonight

Enjoy wine that I was given as a Christmas gift ...
Make a drunken phone call ...

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

E caun aught eer oooh

It is pretty easy for me to forget how messed up my hearing is most of the time ...then something will happen to remind me ...

My boss was playing a sound file in his office which is on my right ... I was convinced the sound was coming from the hallway behind me. It scares me every time I realize I have no way to tell the direction sound is coming from.

What? ..... Oh, yeah ..... right.... No, I'm listening....

For some reason a conversation from last night is proving to be a pleasant and daunting diversion this morning. Being a rather boring person I can usually summon a great deal of excitement in regard to land records. I honestly enjoy reading legal descriptions and organizing files for ease of use .... But today ... today ... My mind has taken a leave of absence (regular readers may also note that my already lax 'Blogging prose has become even more ... distracted and I am being vague) mmmmmmmmmmmm

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Give me a B! ... Give me an O! (and just for Dallas ... R! E! D!)

Crazy levels of boredom happening here … I read Cosmo cover to cover … No one is on-line … maybe I’ll watch TV. Ooooh Scrubs is on …..

Welcome, Amber!

I think Yahoo mail should not have an exclamation point after the welcome if you don't have any new mail. It just seems rude to express all that excitement over nothing.

Life is good ... Only one way to improve it

Depending on how you count it, it is 15 or 16 days till the Winter Gathering ... Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is being Released July 16th ... I had a yummy omelet for breakfast ... There is a nice blanket of snow on the ground with more coming love life is ACTUALLY going well for once* ... The only way I can imagine improving life right now is to be lying in front of a fire, watching the snow, reading HBP, being fed the delicious omelet by my romantic interest, as all of our friends frolic about.

* Yes, that is right kids, I have stumbled upon a young man who is NICE to me. NICE with out the prospect of *ahem* instant gratification. He is neither intimidated by me ... Nor arrogant (at least with me!) He gets pleasure from my happiness (as I do his)... Could this mean I have matured? Or have I just gotten lucky? I can't remember EVER having a romantic relationship that wasn't also a power struggle... Was that due to my having some childish need for domination? Bad luck? Some combination of the two? As I recall previous romantic relationships I was always martyring myself or being domineering.. Twisting a martyred knife offers no appeal ... Nor does being strident and demanding. Could this be why I have turned into a 13 year old girl? Is it because I have discarded the hard exteriors that I usually use? Or did I discard the exteriors because I turned into a 13 year old girl? I need a smoke.