Thursday, July 28, 2005

Back in the game

Remember that game a while back? Well I have 2 more...

TUMS = antacid

ACE Bandage = Athletic wrap

Harry Potter and the least Jewish food EVER

Well the two things in the title are totally unrelated.

Sadly, after the GoF movie comes out Nov. 18th we will have to wait 'till 2007 for anything Harry Potter. JKR said that it will be at least two years before book 7 comes out and the OotP movie doesn't come out 'till 2007. *SIGH*

Today I have been eating pinwheels. No, I am not auditioning for the circus as a strange objects eater. Pinwheels are a food. Since I don't know if they are just a Mid-western thing, or maybe just a Wisconsin thing I will explain what they are. You spread a slice of ham with cream cheese and wrap it around a kosher (Irony What?) dill pickle then cut into bites of goodness. Yummy!

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Storm Watch

As I was making some food and talking to Lee last night a storm blew up. Fast. The winds came up too fast for me to even close my windows before my belongings were blown to the floor. The sky was worse than storm-dark it was yellow ... a yellow made even more frightening because the wind and lightning had knocked out all the power to central Baraboo. So the sky was yellow of its own volition, not the reflected light of the street lamps and other lights of the city.

Thankfully, because Baraboo is surrounded by bluffs and the Baraboo Range we are pretty safe here. Weather takes the path of least resistance and a VERY OLD mountain range tends to resist, a lot.

The last time a tornado touched down here in Baraboo was in the 1960's. It hit my block. Yet, there remain three 100+ year old homes on this block. It is hard to not feel very safe in this house, knowing that it has survived more than 140 years of floods, storms and tornados. I feel the same way about the oak tree and pine tree in the yard. The oak is older than the house ... I don't know how old but older than the house, and the pine tree is just a few years younger than the house.

I imagine the older homes and trees in the neighborhood railing against the storms, ranting in creaky elderly voices "Is that the best you got?!? I saw worse than this in aught four!"