Tuesday, March 06, 2007

The Wave of the FUTURE!!!

Meh, not really that exciting but I just finished watching an episode of The Black Donnellys that will not be aired on TV. I watched it on the internet. (Now, before you start saying “O.K. GRANDMA Internet video is not new.” I want to say that I watched this whole episode on NBC.com and it got me thinking … no need to introduce me to YOUTUBE … I am familiar, thank you.)

Perhaps I am just plain, old fashioned behind the times but I have not heard of other networks running FULL NEW episodes on-line. If any of you have examples I would love to hear them! This isn’t deleted scraps or

This move makes me wonder about what NBC is doing with this show. I know that the big networks are looking to do more on-line. Getting people like me, who don't normally watch our TV* on the internet, hooked with a broadcast season then perhaps continuing to run the show online. I mean if it is on-line it can be more violent and obscenity filled than they could EVER show on broadcast TV.

Could TBD be NBC's attempt to break into internet television? The marketing advantages to having broadcast and internet programs are tremendous because it is possible to have an infinite number of programs (with advertising skewed to appeal an infinite number of demographics) simultaneously. Creating and maintaining a stable of high quality internet television MUCH earlier than the other broadcast networks could REALLY help NBC corner this market early.

Wondering what the hell I am talking about? Check out The Black Donnellys season to date HERE

*TV referring to episodic programming versus the occasional video of a cat on a ceiling fan or some kid getting hit in the nuts.