Wednesday, February 23, 2005


I have developed an odd (but VERY real fear) of the excised heads of two headed babies. If you want to know about my job interview … check back LATE tomorrow.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Thank you Daniel Silliman

for yet another lovely post. For me A Sense of Place served to remind me to not be so doggedly rooted at the tender age of 24 and helped (even if only momentarily) me shake the persistent and all too linear view of my future that was causing my job hunt to stagnate. I was, I now admit, more than a little afraid of making any sudden moves. My fear was that if I made a change as significant as location I would permanently alter (and not for the better) that thing in my life I cherish most. Something inside me was telling me that if I changed anything I would lose my love. I was stuck, not even breathing, out of fear. Such foolishness does not become me. Moreover it is not who I am and by stagnating I was becoming a person very different from the one my love loves. I too can take “home” with me.

25 days

Monday, February 21, 2005

A new and different experience

Because I feel so secure in my love life … a new little stumbling block has popped up in my financial life. I am currently unemployed. Everyone who reads this knows that. My issue is that while unattached or at the beginning of my relationship I viewed my job search globally. I was looking for interesting work anywhere in the world I could find it. Now that I find myself in a serious relationship my job search has narrowed greatly. I don’t want to be too far from my love, and I want a job that I can give up easily, because he and I are already functioning under the premise that I will be moving to his home state with him in the not too distant future. Now seems like a good time to say that I am NOT writing this with resentment toward my love, I am just wondering how I can jump start my own interest in job hunting despite the fact I can see the end of this job down the road. I WANT a job that will interest me and look good on my resume, but I also want one that I can leave easily when the time comes. Any ideas? I am in employment/life Limbo.

25 days