Monday, July 31, 2006


I was reading through some old blog debates I have had ... DAMN! I sounded smart. I miss it. I don't deal with enough abstract concepts. I think I am growing less intelligent with each passing day. I know this is common after college ... when the focus of your life shifts from disecting abstracts and the grand questions and becomes (almost without variation) about concrete issues such as "What is for dinner?" "The Cell Phone Bill is due." and discussions of "Where is the 'X'?" "I don't know. I thought you had it last."
Too much coffee today is making it hard to focus on projects and is also making me a little ill ... two GIANT mugs of coffee and one meal makes for a sad tummy.


"Sorry, user cryptic_candor does not list you as a friend, and they've set the "friends only" option for who can reply to their journal."

Well I guess that opens up a couple of places at the wedding.

O.K. I admit that I had a guess that cryptic_candor was the one who posted the following on the Halfway House 'Blog (though I could be wrong):
"Anonymous said...
Beating animals to make them run around a track. Wow, so that is the sport of kings?"

and even with my guess about who it was I responded:
"TheAmber said...
Anon. Yes, that is the Sport of Kings. If you want to debate with me about it grow a pair and leave your name bitch. DON'T just leave disparaging ANONYMOUS comments."

I admit, I stopped commenting. But that was due to 2 factors. One of which those of you who need to know ... Already know ... and two Ms.Candor and I have vastly divergent philosophical views. Rather than fighting I chose to keep quiet (after the meat debate went so awry)

Maybe I am over reacting ... I don't know.